Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception: My Point of View

I can't stop thinking about it.

I know Inception just a few weeks ago. This movie didn't make it to my 2010's must-watched-movies (the list that include even the-i-know-it-will-be-horrible-movie called 'Eclipse')

And then boom. Maybe about a month ago, i watched some forgettable movies in Blitzmegaplex and i saw that poster while waiting.

Two things caught up my eyes. Christopher Nolan and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Nolan still amazed me with his Memento and then he made me fall in love all over again with Batman.

Leo? Well. This is the last man that make me stunned for more than two hours and still think about it after i left the theater. It was a movie called Shutter Island.

So i stood there, for maybe a couple of minutes just staring on that brilliant poster and then said to myself, "I have to watch it..."

But then again, it was what i said to every-good-looking-movie-posters out there.

Still. The Nolan aspect is what interest me the most. After reaching the peak with The Dark Knight, movie and money-wise, what else will he offers?

Then the others popped up. There's Ellen Page there -the girl that i fall in love with after watched Juno-, then Ken Watanabe -than Japanese!-, then Joseph Gordon Levitt -that guy from (500) Days of Summer, that poor guy-, and the beauty Marrion Cottilard.

All aspects completed. And my eyes itching to watch this movie.

And the day comes. 1st day Inception hits the theater. Before all the hype and all the expectations bothered me (i've been a bit traumatized with Avatar and all of its hype), i watched it.

One word. Brilliant.

A stunning experience. One hell of an idea. One hell of an execution. And one hell of a question.

The idea. Ah. An idea about an idea.

One simple idea can grows up and become whatever.

We learned it before perhaps. A butterfly effect. You change one thing, everything else change.

It's one hell of a theory. And one hell of a fact.

Next. The Dreams. The Layer.

I always fascinated with what we called dreams.

I've been success, i've been hurt, i've been happy, i've been crying, i've been exited, even i've been dead in my dreams.

And here, Nolan provide us with a land full of dreams. Where anything can happen. A land where we can go inside people's mind and fucked it up however we want.

He did that for sure. Not literally. We just need to watch his movies.

About the Ending. It was easy for me to conclude that Cobb was stuck on his so-called-Limbo.

The non-stop-spinning-thingy. Clear message. Ambiguous perhaps, but i believe it won't stop.

It was still a dream. Period. End.

And then, the other debate comes up. Is everything -from beginning until the end- was a dream?

ALL of them? Really?

In my point of view, i disagree with this one.

There were a thin line between reality and dreams. But still there WERE a line.

Means, there were two things: Dreams and Reality. TWO.

Not one linear label that we have to choose.

We might never know how everything was started, but i -personally- can sense some reality giving up to us there.

Then again. It was my point of view.

That's the beauty of this movie i guess. Everyone's can have their own judgment. Their own conclusion.

One thing tho. Inception also made me realizes that people can choose how they want to be happy.

Happiness is an abstract thing. People feel it in different way one another. And if staying in the dreams means happiness, then everyone have rights to choose that.

This movie can haunts anyone. It's been three days, and Inception still running around in my head.

Positioning itself into one of my most favorite movie of all time.

Watch it all over again? To hell i will. And i might never get bored. Just like when i watch Memento. Again and again.


  1. kalau kata gue, salah satu pesan moral ceritanya adalah jangan mencapur adukkan urusan keluarga dengan urusan kerjaan :))

  2. Kalo kata gue, pesen moralnya ga usah buat benda aneh2 LOL. Ide gila, lebih gila dari Benjamin Button.

  3. @tulus: LOL!!! Benar sekali...

    @fani: yep. idenya gila dan kelewat jenius. tapi bisa aja bener kali yah. kalo ada teknologi yang lumayan canggih...