Friday, June 11, 2010

when the dreams crashed...

It's just faded away.

My dream.

The door's closed.

And i had no one to blame.

Except myself.

The door shut. Right in front of my face.

And the dream lost.

Hit me badly.

Slap me hard.

Time wasted. Yet lesson learned.

Hope this is just another way of Him.

To lead me somewhere else.

Somewhere different. Somewhere better. Somewhere nicer.


  1. At some ways, perhaps it's not being crashed down. Maybe it's just being re-built under several better renovations. Don't fret, what's built too fast ain't always bad. Ted Mosby, Cowboy Building. Rings a bell? Long contemplation doesn't always produce good stuff. :D

  2. thanks. so much. :)

    this means a lot.

    probably a lot lot more than you ever imagine.

    ah. senang.