Friday, June 4, 2010

A Simple Thing. A Simple Happiness.

Happiness can come from the simplest thing.

Cliche. Yet true.

Sometimes, you just see people smile at you.

A simple smile.

And, boom, you get as happy as if your birthday happens every day.

Sometimes, you talk with someone.

Just talk. Just a simple talk.

And boom. You just can't stop smiling for hours.

And sometimes,

You get to be together with the one you wanted to be.

This is when we wish the time could stop for a while.

The ride we're waiting for can be late for a while.

And the moment we spent. Could last as long as we wanted. Without having to see the period sign.

Simple wish.

Simple happiness.

That's all i need. And that's all i get.

From You.

My simplest form of happiness.

*Thanks for the inspiration to write again, You. Yes, You. :)