Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Things Happened, And I Wrote About It.

It's been some time since i really really like someone.

Emphasize on the words 'really really'. I like her so much i should write it twice.

This is the kind of like that escalated to the point that i'd stay awake as long as i can just to talk with her, and also when i finally asleep, she still annoyed me on my dreams. And i'm fine with that.

Even the universe sometimes did little things that makes me, a serendipity-believer, mumbling 'What The F' in disbelief -and with a little smile, of course.

Weird, eh? Definitely not something you'd usually get from someone that you know for about just a little more than 2 weeks.

This doesn't make any sense. At all. But then again, what is make sense nowadays?


There's a happy ending in this lovey-dovey-cheesy-as-hell story, rite?

No. Nope. No way.

It came unexpectedly, and, obviously, it ended as soon as it came too.

I guess it's true what people says, that good things usually doesn't last.

It's good because it's short.
It's enjoyable because it's ended.
It's brilliant because it's, well, brilliant.

And what was the point of this writing again? None, I suppose.

Well played, Universe.

Let's move on to your next game now. (I think) I'm ready.

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