Monday, March 7, 2016

Another Goodbye.

As cliche as it sounds, Love DO comes and go as it please.

At this time one week ago, i have a girlfriend, a few future things planned, and some insecurity.

Today? I have none. Well. Maybe some insecurity.

Some people said that it was more than 3 years wasted. Well. Cuma sedikit berkembang dari Goodbye serius sebelumnya (More than 4 years. What The F i was thinking?).

But in a way, i can say that it was 3 years gained. With all the wonderful things we shared, all the silliest laugh  we made, and every little thing in between.

It was Love. That how it (always) is. Dia bisa bikin kita naik lebih tinggi dari mariyuana terbaik di dunia, tapi (in a flash) bisa bikin siapapun terkubur dalam lubang yang seolah tanpa dasar.

Stiil. Love is a wonderful thing. Even in goodbye. It made me appreciate all the thing that happened. 

To be fair, It also made me question a lot of thing, but not like i was mad at it. How can you mad at Love?

When it comes, all we need to do is embrace it.

When it decided to leave, we let it go. With gratitude. 

So, Thank You, Love.

Thanks for coming by. It was wonderful.

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