Monday, April 18, 2011

This Is A Curhat Post

You've been warned.

Post ini isinya curhatan penuh kelabilan dan kegalauan.

If you've read me galau/labil/nyampah in twitter or plurk or anywhere else and feel the urge to vomit, please don't read this one.

i'm on my weirdest moment right now.

i don't know what to feel, i don't know what to do, i don't know what to expect.

yes. i've signed for this rollercoaster.
when i'm entering it, there's a huge sign posted there in the front door.
so, i know one way or another, this kind of thing will happen.

well, i entered it anyway. i'm enjoying it, to be honest.
...enjoying it too far perhaps.
in fact, i love being inside it.

but there's moment like this.
there's always moment like this when i feel like i need the earth to eat me and sunk me alive.

first punch, i can get up. second punch, i'm hang on to it. third one? everyone's has a limit, aren't they?

so now, i'm laying on the ground, feeling hurt, feeling un-easy, feeling confused. and even a bit sick.

and sadly, it seems i'm the only one who felt this way for now.

i thought this was a game for two...

i need someone to pick me up. whether with words, or any little thing that mattered.

i know that i've made the mistakes. maybe one too many.
but, again, when you signed up for this, you know exactly this'll happen. and you agreed to face this together, as i am facing yours.

this blah-blah-blah post has gone everywhere. without even any clear point. you might as well call this a confused post.

this is a pointless-curhat-session of someone who's unstable enough to write anything clearly.

but of course, you've been warned.

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